Monday, November 3, 2008

Jenny Deter CSM Patterns

Jenny Deters (above with some fair-isle socks she knitted on her CSM) has written a couple of pattern books that are available for purchase.

Jenny's first book: Unique Fancy Sock Patterns contains 12 patterns. No ribber used unless you want a ribbed cuff instead of a hung hem. Designs in the socks are made by transferring stitches, so you will need a tool with a good hook. All patterns have written directions & graphs for the 54, 60 & 72 needle cylinders, plus all patterns are rated according to difficulty.
Cost $17.00 which includes sh/h
Jenny's second book: Socks & More contains 16 patterns all in color. This book has a wide variety of patterns of garments, several different socks including simplified sole mates, fingerless gloves, beadwork, felted slippers, etc. I think you'll find some very interesting & unique patterns. Cost $33.95 which includes sh/h.

Add $1.30 for paypal

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3. Individual patterns:

Celtic Knot Scarf Pattern knit flat fabric with directions for 2 lengths of tails. This is truly a nice looking scarf with I-cording woven to make the knot.
Cost $7.00 which includes sh/h

Double & Single Eyelet Rib Socks for the 54, 60, 72 & 80 needle cylinders. The 54 would require the 27 ribber. Socks can be made with repatterning yarn or solid colors.
Cost $7.00 which includes sh/h

Set-up bonnets for the 60 & 72 needle cylinders with loops at both ends in different colors. These bonnets should last for years as they are made from cotton. I am still using my original bonnet.
Cost $7.00 which includes sh/h

Knowing that many of you don't like paying all the shipping costs & for those who for some reason just can't get my second book "Socks & More", I can email the felted slipper pattern to you. The only thing it will lack is a drawing of attaching the two layers together, but it is described in the text. I will send the photo as an attachment. Cost $5.00 for the emailed pattern

If combining items, sh/h costs will be lower.

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